Elizabeth Vidal

«The originality and unique elegance of the perfume composition attracted my immediate and undiverted attention to it... Inhaling FLAIR DE MUSE, I seemed to find myself in the opera again on a special evening, feeling the atmosphere of celebration and luxury. It mixed champagne, languid memories, a warm velvet curtain and a forest scene, as if it was created especially for me! I am glad to introduce it!»

FLAIR DE MUSE as a genuine muse, inspiring musicians to reach their creative potential and contributing to the growth of their talent. Muse's breath is the basis of his masterpiece and gives life to his greatest work. The fragrance was released with the sole aim of supporting the creative potential of young musicians and projects geared towards preserving, promoting, and popularizing classical music. All funds from the sale of FLAIR DE MUSE perfume are therefore sent to the Flair de Muse Foundation for the support of young talents.

As this fragrance is intrinsically related with classical music, it is represented by the best of the world of music.

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Elizabeth Vidal, the owner of one of the highest voices in the world, is in demand on the most famous scenes of the world - Spoletto, Covent Garden, Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome, Santiago in Chile, Royal Albert Hall in London, Toronto, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, La Fenice in Venice , Lincoln Center in New York, La Monnet in Brussels, the Grand Theater in Geneva and the Arena di Verona - invite her to perform such virtuoso parts as Olympia ("Tales of Hoffmann"), Zerbinetta ("Ariadne on Naxos"), Queen of the Night, Eurydice ("Orpheus in Hell" - DVD recording in 2003), Princess in Opera Fantasy and Ravel's "Child and Magic" and Lakme. In 2000 After a huge success in the role of Gilda in the opera of Rigoletto directed by Leo Nucci, by a decision of a jury composed of influential Italian critics led by Giorgio Gvalerzi, Elizabeth Vidal was named Best Coloratura Soprano, becoming the first French singer to be awarded this title.

More than 50 television broadcasts on French and international television channels and film about Carmine Buran made her one of the most popular French singers of her time.
In addition to recordings for record companies such as Erato, Decca, Auvidis, Chant du Monde, EMI, Vidal constantly collaborates with Forlane to record his solo concerts and Opera Rara to record a rare repertoire.

In 2006 she gained international acclaim for her performance of the Queen of the Night, recorded with Sir Charles Mackerras for Chandos and in three other productions, which went to Athens, Rome and Turin. And the singer was a huge success with a concert program of acrobatic arias for coloratura performed in Tokyo, Seoul and the Chatelet Theater in Paris.