Scent and music are equals in the power of their effect. They are gifts that inspire our senses and saturate our life with delicate pleasure, sensuality, desire, love.

The luxurious, sophisticated perfume FLAIR DE MUSE finds admirers among individuals who possess an exquisite style and a deep approach to creating their own unique look, and who have no fear of self-expression or the impression that they make on others. FLAIR DE MUSE is a sign of classic taste, whose harmony of smells touches the delicate strings of the soul.

The formula FLAIR DE MUSE was created using only rare natural ingredients, valued for their limited availability and gathered by hand. Only the finest quality ingredients go into each bottle of perfume. The perfume is hypoallergenic, vegan, and 100% free of aldehydes. Due to the authenticity and ripeness of the raw materials comprising its composition, the fragrance reveals itself in a special way on the skin, transforming over time and emphasizing the individuality of everyone who wears it. While working on the composition, creator Uwe Herrich, perfumer of the royal family of Liechtenstein, experimented with numerous combinations of ingredients. Relying on the nature of rare olfactory combinations learned from his decades of experience in creating exclusive perfumes for the royal family, he had truly created his pièce de résistance.

Composition FLAIR DE MUSE is at once extravagant and intellectual, with a complex sound and a genteel heart. It mirrors the extraordinarily bright and multifaceted personality of its founder, the renowned cellist Fjodor Elesin, whose determination to help dedicated young musicians pursue the mastery of the traditional techniques and workmanship of classical music prompted him to establish and endow a foundation for this purpose. All profits from the sales of FLAIR DE MUSE go to the Flair de Muse Foundation for the support of young artists. The goal of the foundation is to inspire the intellectual imagination and creative potential of musicians by implementing and funding promising projects aimed at the preservation, renaissance, and evolution of classical music.

FLAIR DE MUSE reopens the world of luxury with a new approach in which creativity is driven by dedication and nobility, expressing the brand’s absolute and limitless universe.